Welcome to the Right Brain Journeys video series!

This week I've been posting the first videos in this series. Here I introduce the purpose for the series and invite you to check out the Right Brain Journeys YouTube channel. Please subscribe and share! I will post new videos weekly.

Join me on this strategic journey of self-discovery and awareness where I share with you key theories, concepts and tips to help you become a better communicator. As your guide, I share knowledge and wisdom gained through my two decades of experience as a Learning & Development professional and as an award-winning university Lecturer.

My goal with this video series is to make the life-changing information from the social science field of Interpersonal Communication accessible to everybody so that we can raise our collective consciousness.

Together we can unlock the power within. Because when we transform ourselves, we transform the world.

Join me on this Right Brain Journey!

Gino Perrotte, M.A.

Culture & Communication Strategist

Gino Perrotte